ATRIAP Is born in the year 2009 like fruit of the work and personal illusion of Patricia Palacín Amat.

Graduate in Architecture in Barcelona (2008), and after a long stage in New York, sets up the study with the end to develop a contemporary architecture, functional and accessible, on line with the grandmasters like Álvaro Siza, and always respestuosa with the inheritance of the heritage built typical of the Pyrenees of the that is originaria.

Values like the sustainability, functionality, energetic efficiency, quality of execution and the care in the details are basic elements of our work, as well as a correct reading of the surroundings and the needs of our customers.

The key of the work of ATRIAP is in keeping the conductive thread of the idea along all the process, from the start until the crucial phase of the direction of work. In this sense the What it's so important like the How. The project has to elaborate splitting of the most general concept until completing the definition of the last detail that materialises it.

ATRIAP Works of integral way the different dimensions or strata that conform the architecture and the surroundings, from the physical and constructive appearances that condition the projects, to the needs or requests of the users, offering always creative solutions, imaginative and economicaly viable.